So yesterday I had a horrific flight, at least I think I did. My instructor pilot said he was having a bad day, and I was, of course, running on minimal sleep. We set out to practice landings at another airport, which went okay, and some maneuvers like stalls and steep turns. On the way back into the airport, we received a radio call to follow traffic. We did, but did not hear the next part of the call, to proceed after the next plane in the pattern. Long story short, we cut off someone else to land without knowing it.

Next, on the ground, I accidently turned the radio down too low after receiving taxi instructions… we didn’t receive the call to take a different route to avoid construction workers. Long story short once more, my IP was going to get reamed by the boss, and was all anxious about it. He says he’s never cut in front of someone in his life, and has done it twice while in the aircraft with me. I’m a death omen!

“Sir, I’m half responsible for what happened. I’m half a pilot.”
“No, not yet.”
“A quarter of a pilot?”
“Not yet.”

So I found a picture of air traffic control every time I take off:

Today everyone was assigned new IPs. I, oddly enough (but not really), got my flight commander. He’s actually really cool and today I had my flight with him at 6:40am. We practiced more takeoffs and landings, and I’m okay with that. However, he was evaluating me in a way, and put me on a “special attention” program because I have a tendency to get frustrated and lock up in the plane. I know what to do, it just takes a minute for it to get out of my brain and into the plane. Talking to some other people who are going to be navigators, they were placed on the same program as well. An upperclassman says everyone gets put on it who doesn’t have prior flight experience. I got the choice to stay with my other IP aka “Not yet” or with my flight commander aka “Fly the bloody airplane”. For my own strategic good, I chose my flight commander so he can offer me extra help more easily because we have meeting at 5:40am every morning. Plus, he has more pull with command so if there are, god forbid, any additional problems, he can vouch for me. I just want the plane to stop kicking my ass! I have to check ride next week!

In good news, I got a 100 on another academic test. Another one tomorrow. At least I look really good on paper…

So after that special monitoring fiasco, I trudged back to my room and lo and behold:

I hope that these flowers can make your room just a bit more comfortable as you go through your most stressful week yet. I wish that there was more that I could do to put you at ease though. Just know that I am thinking of you always, and each day I long to see you more… Love, Larry”

I’ve never received flowers for no reason…! And they’re orange Halloween roses! I then proceeded to conk out for an hour. Five more days…

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  1. If you were MY gal I’d make sure to sex you every night. So there would never be any standing up, unless it involved shower lovin or something equally as fun.


  2. Oh shit, they were NOT scanning for traffic, not maintaining proper airspeed, altitude, and attitudes, lost situational awareness, and cockpit communication was sorely lacking.

    epic fail…

    … but it made me laugh! Thank you!

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