action packed

hearing: my new radio show! | feeling: sickly

yet another episode of first things first! i have a brand spankin’ new radio show on if any of you cats have a cable modem or higher, grab your dancing shoes and feel free to tune in to: the cat’s meow. i’ve crossposted this so many times it would make your head spin.

today i accompanied matthew shopping for new clothes, and we actually found some! he’s going to get a bright red dress shirt and black tie for a sleek devilish outfit. does anyone know where i could find ties with pinups on them? so anyway, after three hours of shopping, we head to WALMART. after escaping, we ventured to his house.

it’s rumored there is a beginning cornet book there i can borrow. instead, we found a whole trunk of his family’s photos, 1920’s-1940’s. there were photos of fox fur wraps, t-strap shoes, model t cars, model a cars, quaint 1930’s houses, WWII military photos, and sexy gals at the beach in their bathing costumes.

and if that wasn’t a prize enough, we also pulled 4 magazines dated 1919, 1921, 1923, and 1933. lastly, we found a newspaper from 1903. NINETEEN OH THREE?! this paper featured an article on a “14 horsepower engine”… (before the car was really invented). it was in near perfect shape. the magazines were filled with exotic photos of jazz age dames; one was an art magazine. the magazine from 1933 had about twenty ads for laxatives and feminine products. i think it was a good housekeeping type magazine. “why did he leave her? it must have been her underarm odor!” a huge brown spider was mucking about in there as well. matty wanted to cut it in half with scissors, but i protested. it’s going to eat cockroaches and live a long spidery life.

how amazing it must be to have such photos just laying around.. in fact, they were being stored outside! i made him bring them in, and we took out the albums and magazines to put into proper storage. just.. so unreal.

i’m putting together a jazz band. so far, i have piano/accordion/cornet (me), two saxophones, a clarinet, fiddle/mandolin, drums, trombone, two guitars, and a trumpet. if you’re in the orlando area and would like to join as well, just let me know! move over, bix, my new band is going to blow you out of the water!

i met some new pals this week, went to a few parties. i met some of my neighbors! i puffed a clove through my cigarette holder and made the smoke curl out the corner of my mouth. i told my neighbor (his name is atom. seriously, atom) that i would not touch a clove if it wasn’t in a holder. i don’t smoke, however, just to clarify. the next night i had a little too much fun, and ruined much of my next day. to hear what happened, click here for a voicemail left on my cell by my beloved pal, jesse. that pretty much sums up forrest’s party i went to. yeah, i got that silly, too. but don’t tell anyone..

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