A Slight Chance of Baby Showers

This past Memorial Day weekend, I had a four-day pass to return home. Good thing, because my only sister, Brittany, scheduled to have a baby shower on Saturday afternoon. This is her second child, and I was unable to visit for the last soirée of this type. I hadn’t returned home since I joined the military, June of 2008.

After damn near missing my connecting flight out of Houston (sprinting an entire length of an airport, in a skirt, without stopping), I arrived in Orlando, Fla. Friday was a lazy day, and was also Brittany and her husband Eric’s first wedding anniversary. Nothing says romance like having your entire family over for dinner! She was such a good sport about it all and even shared her wedding cake topper. Besides the fondant, the cake was surprisingly delicious the second time around! I think the fondant acted as a sort of insulating seal for the buttercream.

I zoomed back to the airport Saturday morning to pick up a beau, Larry, who flew in from Air Force Intelligence school in West Texas. I pulled some strings and found him round trip non-stop flights. Lucky. As I was flying in, I couldn’t help but think about how someone should create another luxury airline, much like those of yesteryear… With the linen table cloths and real silverware. A gal can dream, can’t she? Even about flying down to Rio?

Saturday afternoon, the baby shower kicked off with quite a few of our closest friends and family coming to visit. Some I hadn’t seen since my sister’s wedding last Memorial Day weekend. It’s very strange to split time with your family and friends to make sure you see everyone. Time is so short. Long story short, Brittany had quite a haul! Even her daughter, Hannah, scooped up a few gifts. Big sister gifts are very important, you know.

Sunday was “be a tourist day”, & I jetted over to Cocoa Beach with Larry. After visiting a high school friend of mine, Katie, we went to Ron Jon’s Surf Shop, bought a few tacky beach towels, and Larry posed next to a shark tank. It’s really the only shark you want to be friends with around there. At the beach, the surf was fun & the ghost crabs were out n’ about. The sun decided to peek out for the last few minutes of our stay.

That evening, Larry took my sister, Eric, Hannah, and my parents to dine at the very chic Chart House restaurant in Melbourne, just south and on the river. Larry & I were frequenters of the Chart House in San Antonio when we lived there; Now we have two locations under our belts. Last December, I organized my Navigator class’ Aviator’s Night at the San Antonio Chart House, on top of the 780′ tower in the revolving restaurant.

In other good news, my Trashy Diva dresses came in the mail over the weekend. Fit like a glove, although I can’t gain an ounce! My mother is taking up numerous sewing projects this summer, including a dress for me: a Vogue pattern from 1947. I couldn’t be more thrilled!

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