hearing: stupid cartoons a la disney channel | feeling: hungry

new graphics are up! i made a few changes, and got rid of some things that i felt were unnecessary. hope you like it – and i will be making a few more changes over the next couple days. a new survey will be up, along with whatever else i can think of. the layout was inspired by this hideous candy dish matthew gave me for our anniversary – it has vegas hotels and casinos all over it. tack-o-rama!

in more aggravating news, amy’s digital camera and laptop computer were stolen out of our apartment. also, my brand new black light matthew bought me was stolen, as well as his fog machine and mini-strobe light. we’ve filed two police reports in two days. we’re thisclose to getting out of our lease; it might be any day now! that is worth celebrating!

oh, i also got a new gerbil! it was a halloween present from amy. its name is… well actually, we all just call him gerbie. he has a mansion of a home.

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