Miracle of Miracles

[ Well, folks, this is a huge announcement. Please continue to read if you’d like to see me geek out a little. ]

I have installed WordPress on my server.

What does this mean, praytell? It means that I could transfer all my journal entries from across the web… across the Livejournal… across the Blogger… so as of now, I have all my entries dating clear back to March 2003. Additionally, it’s hosted server side, so I have total control of the content from anywhere.

Big deal: I will be adding my entries from my journal that I used to host right here at Grrlstar.net, dating back to 1999. This is a huge project; I think there are about 150+ entries to input by hand. But gradually, my teenage saga will be showing up here in the archives. Additionally, I will need to hand-correct each imported Livejournal entry that contained any HTML (each tag imported incorrectly); this is about 600 entries.

I am proud to be one of the internet’s most historic daily journal-style bloggers (back before it was called blogging) and I am so excited to have this project underway. You have no idea. Being able to access all these memories from one place is just beyond words for me.

Thanks for listening, interwebz. Bear with me on these changes. See you again soon, and tell your friends. /geekout.

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