yow! i am back in orlando after a 12 hour car ride from north carolina. when i stepped into my house, the sweet smell of rotting shrimp met my nostrils.

the hurricane knocked out power at my place for almost a week, and the freezer completely thawed, so i am left with one huge block of ice in my ice maker. oh, and rotting shrimp and other food matter. so it smells like disgusting and i have been running the air extra cold to mask the stench.

i am so happy to be home, but not so happy about a 7am class twice a week… but in other news, next semester i have one more class to take and then i will be queen of all things AA degree. at 19! imagine that!

i am listening to bad disco and matty found this silly but awesome rap tape that was for a high school english project. nobody can rap the scarlet letter better.

so maybe i’ll go eat some rotten shrimp!… or just go to toojay’s.

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