i thought of something hilarious today! one of m’best high school moments (if there are such things!)

the scene: driver’s ed. edgewood track.

ROARING around the curver at a most illegal THIRTY MILES PER HOUR. (allowed 10 mph around the curve!)

“born to be wild” BLASTING on the (illegally turned on) radio. i drive with two feet.

o o who is gonna catch us!!! suckers!!

and don’t forget those 30 minute passes, winking at junior high boys that stop dead in their tracks to stare. yeah so what, maybe they were staring at the hubcap pass i was hauling around…

and coach pribbel and his shitty stationwagon with no back window.

rule breakers and heart takers.

pssst…. art art art!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey thats MY memory too, and you really were a bad driver. But those seventh grade boys thought you were bad ass.

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