Today I woke up at 6am and rolled around in bed for another half hour before getting up. I took 528 to Semoran (52 miles) in Orlando to go to class that was meeting at an art store. However, I wasn’t sure if we were meeting there Monday or Wednesday. But you know how it is – if I would have went to campus it would have been today we met over at the store. So I went to the store first, then drove like a bat out of hell to campus (30 minutes away, jammed traffic) and parked illegally. At least I didn’t get a ticket. But I did fail a quiz or two the teacher reamed my design for a project.

After that, I drove home; my boss calls me as soon as I park telling me I have to pick up a delivery. IN ORLANDO. But it’s all good, cos’ I got paid for driving his big ass road warrior TANK (aka an oversized pickup truck with topper). I swear to god, I only drive my little PT Cruiser around and have driven a suburban once. It was bizarre unnatural. I drove extra slow so I’d get paid more. I call it being cautious.

So it is 6pm & I have to work til’ close at the video store. I wonder how many people will ask for movies that don’t exist tonight. I wonder how many will ask about our “special (non-existent) section.” I wonder how many times I will want to yell at people.

My yogurt label is trying to guilt me into sending it to save people from breast cancer. I’m only interested in saving the last bit of yogurt off of it.

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  1. what a blast from the past!

    is that a nic at night shirt? that effing rules! I used to have an I dream of jeanie watch (it’s been so long that ive seen it i cant remember how to spell it)

    and for the last pic: GOTHICSLUTSDOTCOM


  2. That looks like it’s from the book “PostSecret”, which is absolutely brilliant. Available at a Hot Topic near you! ^_^
    I kid, I kid… But driving huge vehicles sucks. Dad made me drive an Escalade for a month because he didn’t like me little ol’ car… So, I told him to suck it… By taking the Escalade off-roading. And 4-Wheeling. Mud. Everywere.

  3. in all seriousness though, I think it’d be cute and romantic.

    kinda like the pink couple.. i forgot their name… tassy & halcyon, they’re out in california and they have a website..m aybe something like or soemthing cutesy like that, anyway look them up.. they both have pink hair, are hot (even if they’re like 30) and make amateur porn for people to watch.

  4. i have a huge collection of post secrets on my computer. i save so many. its insane. i find one or two each week that remind me of me.
    one of these days i oughta send one in.

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