2500 Miles!

THE LIVING IS EASY. Does anything say summer like Steely Dan and making vegan chili and cornbread? Okay, maybe if I was doing a pig roast in the Caribbean with a live steel drum band… but those folks do that year round. In Minot I must settle for Steely Dan, okay? Speaking of Steely Dan, my boss a million years ago when I worked at the cabinet shop unintentionally got me into Dan Band. You could tell a lot about how the day was going to go by the music blasting (or lack thereof) when I arrived for work. If it was classical, the day was going to drag, and you couldn’t ask to change the music. If it was nothing, well, you could ask, but it was a toss up if you got classical or still nothing. Miss that place sometimes!

WHY NOT? Man, screw this city’s water management ineptitude. In addition to flooding everyone’s basements (including mine) with delicious sewage in 2011, now it’s happening again, without an impending flood at all. They are claiming the toilet-paper infused water is on our end, but I find it hard to believe it would just start backing up city sewage all of the sudden. Minot, you’re a silly, stupid city and I am ready to leave you in the dust. Oh, and where’s that multimillion dollar grant you received for flood rebuilding? How about something to show for all the insane property taxes you collect on everyone, jacking the rates for homeowners to almost 200% after the flood? Wanks. You know, Shreveport smells like nasty sewer ALL the time (due to the brown river flowing through town), but at least they don’t make it a habit of sloshing other people’s shit water into my basement.

BOOGADABOO. In brighter news, I took a vacation to the west coast a coupla weeks ago. Larry and I visited his family in Olympia, Washington (sup, Bikini Kill/Sleater-Kinney?). In Spokane, his dad has a cabin on the river, where Otto successfully learned to swim and I successfully avoided going totally into the chilly water. Here are some photos. Looks like Skyrim in Montana, by the way.

Bathroom renovation is almost complete. Before and after photographtypes next post! And I have a check ride coming up, with the lady aviator I posted a photo with a few weeks ago. Aces for estrogen in the offensive compartment.

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