24 Weeks.

This weekend was our all-important six month anniversary!
♥ ♥ ♥

I’ve been dating this crazy German/Marine for six months already. Every day I wake up, so happy and feeling lucky to be with such an amazeballs man. Never felt so fond for someone so quickly…. and never thought 80’s sweatpants could be such a turnon during Officer Training School. Hey, desperate times call for desperate measures…!

Friday night, we went out to a friend’s birthday bash at a bar (what alliteration!). As it wasn’t really our scene, we had a few drinks and left. However, on Saturday we went to see Billy Joel (a second time for me) and Elton John. The seats were, oddly enough, the same place as when I went in 2006, in a different venue of course. I was crossing my fingers for “Zanzibar” and he played it! Hooray!

So I am catching on rather well to this navigator (Combat Systems Officer – CSO) training. Sure, we are only in the introduction: how to read charts, calculate basic wind problems, etc., but I am hanging on all right. Larry’s a little frustrated and grouchy because it’s not coming as easily for him. sts. But it’s really cool to be able to study together and split up that homework. He’s napping right now. Oscar the Grouch lyke woah. Well, he is actually more like Cookie Monster….

Don’t think I posted this photo; I don’t remember. Me at Lackland AFB enjoying Starbucks & their acidic coffee.

In other less interesting news, I talked to exMatt briefly about his birthday and he has danced all around the fact he’s dating Jill from high school. She’s that fat chick that was trying to get all up in my shit all through high school and sleep with him (… & probably did). She slept with most of our friends, got married and divorced right out of high school, and is currently spreading her supersized lovin’ with exMatt these days. He used to say the most horrible things to/about her; strange how everything changes. He won’t admit to me directly that he’s dating her, though. Funny stuff. His poor mother…

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  1. omg I remember her. lol. Did she move to Tampa for a while? I seem to remember running into some girl while I lived there who knew you and I got the vibe it was someone you didn’t like.

    anyways, congrats.

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