hearing: devotchkas – shit for dreams | feeling: crazy

i had to make a list of things to do when i returned home to keep it straight. i make lists for encouragement. you know, that feeling after you’ve accomplished something? well, it isn’t really accomplishing anything FUN. just getting things done. observe:

  • list ebay stuff
  • work on lost bookmark
  • do report for english
  • clean apartment
  • update
  • hang myself

let’s just say i didn’t get around to that last one yet.

the worst thing happened today! i was working on this graphic for my parents’ business for the past month.. about six hours of work went into it. i went to put the finished product on a cd-rw, and not only did it fuck up the burning process, my computer deleted the files as well. so i have NOTHING to show for the work, and had to do it over. fast.

okay! on to the fun stuff. this weekend i went home and hung out with evan most of the time. you can just loaf around his house and sleep anywhere. oh, and his parents love me.

he brings out the boy in me! for entertainment, we burnt stuff. it was actually out of boredom (imagine that). evan was smoking some cigarettes, and i set the box on fire. (download .avi of it here) that was neat for about two seconds, until we decided to get some flammable materials. “danger! extremely flammable!”

and evan lit his last cigarette on the fire, which burned his eyelashes. the tips of his right eyelashes were blonde and curled. next, we burnt a magazine (download .avi of it here).

later we found the sterno. so we had good times and made a huge mess. it was a dandy way to spend a boring friday afternoon.

later that night, i had a get together with stephanie and matty. let’s just say ring of fire turned into matt saying, “if i was in virtual reality, i could control what i was doing. but i’m not, i’m in reality.” ’nuff said.

there was so much that i did this weekend, but it’d bore you to death if i mentioned it all even just briefly. and some things i just don’t want to have documented!

especially when the paparazzi’s out to get me.

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