“i never try anything. i just do it. wanna try me?”

i decided i felt very confident today, so i decided to wear my big, stompy boots to school. and i say “LET EM TALK!” because i feel very important today. i am wearing stompy boots to WALK OVER YOU with! and…how very nice of people to talk about me! me! i must be an interesting person. that’s what i think.

yesterday was me and matty’s 18 months. we didn’t argue hardly any yesterday! can i get a hell yeah? we practiced swing dancing, and then shopped for makeup. i bought him some black eyeliner. but he didn’t wear it today, how disappointing. he’s hot. mmhmm.

so, yes, i went antique hunting today and got a black kitty statue. it’s all porcelain and shiny and wonderful. and it was like, four dollars. lovely.

oo! the omnibus magazines were given to the omnibus people, so i got matty’s. he’s letting me borrow it and all, for tonight. i think it is much better than last years. the poetry is much better, and the drawings match the poems great. much applause for the 2002 staff! even if i don’t like you. much applause! the coffee house is wednesday, where the staffers read the poetry or something. i’ll go, even though i overheard some people were nervous about me being there. hurrah, i shall wear my stompy boots wednesday! ONE OF THESE DAYS THESE BOOTS ARE GONNA WALK ALL OVER YOU.

yes, as if you can’t tell, i’m in a rare wonderful mood. i am almost feeling bootylicious (that was an IMOOD choice. what the hell?!). observe the enlarged eyeballs below. brenna is euphoric.

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