2008 Year-End Summary

My 2008 Year Summary

– After receiving an acceptance notification for Officer Training School from the Air Force, I moved from North Carolina back to Florida to work, pay off bills, and spend time with my boyfriend, Matt.
– After a short stint at the cabinet shop, I was hired on commission at Macy’s, in the ladies’ shoe department.
– Enrolled in college trigonometry to prepare for navigator training.

– Worked on a Lara Croft costume for the Megaconvention.

– Went to Megaconvention dressed as Lara Croft.
– Found an old bike and revamped it.
– Found several perpetuating relationship flaws and generally very unhappy with Matt.
– Obsessed with Mass Effect for the Xbox360.

– Cut my hair like Agyness Deyn.

– Passed my flight physical at Patrick Air Force base & learned my heart tilts a little to the right.
– Generally borderline depressed: no set date for Officer Training School yet.

– Matt took me to a waterpark for my birthday & complained about it the whole time.
– Given four day’s notice to get to Montgomery, AL for Officer Training School.
– Quit Macy’s, packed up my life, and enlisted in Jacksonville, FL.

– No published LJ entries; still trucking through OTS.
– Broke off the eight-year off and on relationship with Matt in a final, amicable manner.

– Met a really fellow officer trainee who liked Marlene Dietrich, WWII history, etiquette books, & fine dining.

– Received my commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Air Force September 24th.
– Left officer trainee behind, as he was held back six weeks in training.
–< A HREF="http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f154/msprecocious/noname-2.jpg?t=1222833929" target="_blank">Reported to Randolph AFB, TX to join the casual navigator flight.

– Haggled furiously with the dorm manager to live off base. Permission from my commander? Granted. Readied apartment in only three days.
– Drove to Pueblo, CO to attend Initial Flight Screening to learn to fly airplanes.
– Received almost daily letters from Lt Dicks (officer trainee), and constant phone calls/texts. First “just because flowers” from a boyfriend.

– Encountered the most amount of personal stress to date.
– Logged sixteen hours of flight time and 44 landings before I was deemed unable to finish the program. Commander ensured I would keep my navigator slot.
– Drove fourteen hours straight to pick up Lt Dicks at 4am at his on-base dorm (after 6-1/2 weeks apart).
Reunited at last, inseparable, and took a mini-vacation to Dallas for Thanksgiving.

– Still joined at the hip and living together at my cute San Antonio apartment.
– Weekend getaway and GWAR show in Corpus Christi.
– Invited to sit in the distinguished visitor’s box with the generals at Lackland AFB.
– Inspired, created a new painting (first of the year).
Took in the symphony twice and the ballet in one week.

Overall, the most exciting year for me yet. The main excitement was OTS, flight school, and of course, my amazing beau. Looking forward to 2009 with a fabulous year coming to a close…

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