my high school is full of idiots. yes, even you, poppy punks. what is so cool about going and drinking til you’re piss drunk, just to show off for people? AND THEN what makes you think i want to HEAR about it? get over yourselves! i’ve noticed the following in the trendy ass whores at my school; you must have:

* dyed pink or green hair. the uglier and more crap the dye job, the better. why not black while we’re at it? the more “tortured soul” look, the more punk.

* a MOCK chelsea (thank you jennypea). if you don’t know what that is, it’s a chelsea with the back as short as mommy will let it, as spikey as mommy’s gel will let it. be more creative.

* stars. you MUST love stars. and snap up all the shit you can find with stars on it, as stupid as it may look.

* ugly, rotten elementary school mascot tee shirt and pajama plaid pants from the thrift store. if there’s nothing at the thrift store that week, JUST DON’T BUY ANYTHING! do us a favor.

* emo-ish glasses. those thick nerd glasses. i have a pair, strictly for reading mind you. why make yourself look dumber? it looks good on some people, and you know who you are.

* barbie or hot pink clothes or bag or bookbag or purse or memorabilia of some sort. the tackier the better.

* fishnets. anywhere. it’s punk rock, duh!

“now can i go to the n’syn…i mean new found glory concert?” yeah. see ya in the pit.

this list is, again, the unspoken “requirements” for being a trendy, annoying “punky” freak at my school. you kids all look the same. you appeared out of nowhere, although my guess is the britney spears fan club. you people piss me off royally and give me a bad name. if you have a problem with what i’ve said, tell me to my face.

i guess i’m also just so angry with the ‘artsy punk’ girls at my school. they’re so quick to jump on some “hot gossip” that’s really nothing at all. some girl was MAD at me because she heard i was bitching about her to everyone about not borrowing a dress from me. it’s like, get it right, i told one person, and that was because she said she was going to use it. not until after i dug out the dress, straightened it out, unearthed the accessories, and picked out the shoes did she tell me she didn’t need it. that was what irked me. but hot discussion of it is really…well, dumb. there is nothing to discuss.

are everyone’s lives so boring that they have to invent interesting things to talk about? i’m so tired of high school. i don’t want friends there. i don’t want to have to talk to anyone there, either. just another year, and i’ll never have to see you again. good night!

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