2006 In Review.

2006 has been the best year of my life so far! I hope 2007 will top this year, even. I know it will!

I’ve grown up so much this year. I’ve experienced so many new things.

I have:

– Created more fine art this year than any year (& won a contest)
– Learned new and challenging piano pieces
– Developed an awesome self-esteem
– Moved someplace I love by myself and made it my own
– Begun to learn fine carpentry skills
– Lost twenty pounds
– Developed much better communication skills
– Felt hawt & comfortable in my own skin
– Worked on chiseling away at my debt
– Worked a minimum wage job
– Ended a draining, non-beneficial relationship
– Learned to open up to people more
– Spoken my mind more than ever
– Read more books than any other year
– Developed respect for people who respect others
– Got unabashedly hooked on celebrity gossip

This year’s other event highlights include:
– Andre Rieu & the Johann Strauss Orchestra
– GWAR (x 2)
– Acceptance into UCF’s Graphic Design Program
– Megacon 2006

Through the year in hairstyles…

I change my hair more than my underwear, which isn’t really saying much… some months had numerous hairstyle changes, even!


Year End Quotes for 2006
“Do not talk a little on many subjects, but much on a few.”

“Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence.”
(Robert Frost)

What a great year!

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