2000 Gamer Points!

I LOL’d at this. Larry piped up that this is the best WWII movie. He pwns it. Figures.

10 thoughts on “2000 Gamer Points!

  1. 1. YOU!
    2. Photoshopping
    3. Buying Lip Service brand clothing
    4. Planning and being in the middle of a shoot
    5. Sitting in on a critique of my work
    6. stage performance
    7. my miniature schnauzer
    8. sleeping
    9. dancing to good music
    10. smokin’ a clove ;o)

  2. 10 Things That Make Me Happy
    -summer camp.
    -beach rain.
    -bob marley.
    -using my vibrator late at night and then getting a good nights sleep.
    -fluffy slippers.
    -discovering a new band.
    -glue guns and creating props/costumes
    -straight hair.

  3. Ten Things That Make Me Happy
    1. Kids in the Hall on dvd
    2. smelling like a bakery when i get off work
    3. used bookstores
    4. pizza!
    5. good grades
    6. basketball
    7. frederick, the little rat who eats dollar bills
    8. bob dylan documentaries
    9. candles that make my room smell pretty
    10. making clothes

  4. Thats downfall aint it? Pretty good film.

    I think theres a site with that scene where you can just put in the words. I’ve seen that scene used quite a few times with different subtitles.

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