Xxbuttercup77xX: you said you filmed a mulletted-person
Poseur1039: yeah
Xxbuttercup77xX: we saw 2 people with mullets at arby’s today
Poseur1039: i did tell you then….mullets…on scene
Poseur1039: my 4 year old cousin has a raging mullet
Xxbuttercup77xX: lol
Poseur1039: and this guy at my church who sings does too
Xxbuttercup77xX: raging
Poseur1039: it’s all curly…it’s beautiful
Xxbuttercup77xX: ha
Xxbuttercup77xX: good old mullets
Poseur1039: ah, can’t live with em, can’t live w/o em!
Xxbuttercup77xX: yes of course not
Poseur1039: *lol*
Xxbuttercup77xX: i would die w/ out my mullets
Xxbuttercup77xX: have you ever been to caitlin’s?
Poseur1039: no why
Xxbuttercup77xX: she has this calendar of people w/ mullets, and it classifies the ddifferent “breeds”
Poseur1039: mullets galore?
Xxbuttercup77xX: yesh
Poseur1039: this lady at the gas station (next to the bar where we filmed the mullet on scene) the lady who works there has a wonderful example of a femme
Poseur1039: bleach blonde…
Poseur1039: me and shayna were gonna dress up in safari outfits w/ binoculars and go “on site” hunting (complete w/ butterfly nets) in colony park
Poseur1039: and film it
Xxbuttercup77xX: lol!!!
Xxbuttercup77xX: *in australian accent* here you see the white bearded mullet, in it’s natural trailer park habitat
Poseur1039: HA HA HA
Poseur1039: if you lookie ‘ere to the left, you c’n see it’s natural stimulant…light beher
Xxbuttercup77xX: crikey, it could strike at any moment
Poseur1039: it’s go’me! i can’t stop staring
Xxbuttercup77xX: this particular breed is very aggressive, especially when their lynyrd skynyrd collection is tampered with
Poseur1039: *laughing*
Xxbuttercup77xX: this breed is known to mark its territory using this symbol, a confederate flag

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