blarg, today was more eventful than usual. school was boring, ya, and it was absolut chaos in english. jill knows about that..

after school i went to amy’s house so we could go to barnes and noble, and it took an hour to get there – we had to pick up a lot of people! after that, we went over there and i did my history in paix and quiet. i felt so studious 🙂 then i went to a chair to curl up with my book, we the living (ayn rand). but matty wanted me to go sit with everyone else, so i did. he proceeded to disgust me with a bizarre magazine that featured skinning cats and dogs and other similar horrors. i did anna’s chemistry homework for $1, that was cool i guess, then i had to be home around eight.

i always feel so sad having to go home. i might stop wearing a watch out places because i am very paranoid about the time. so i was pretty quiet, just thinking, on the way home, and matt jumped all over my case about not trying to be friends with anyone. that hurt – but i talked to jill about it and she says it’s okay because people change. i brought up the fact that some just mature faster in high school than others. when you get out of high school you usually only stay with one or two close friends. i am just subconciously preparing myself for when i and everyone moves away and goes their separate ways. call me a unsocial bitch, but maybe i’m just thinking ahead.

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