this day was better than yesterday, but still everything is so stupid. it rained all day again today, and gave me a headache. my mom took me to the bus stop this morning, and that was all right i guess. but i didn’t feel like talking to anyone on the bus, much less matt. quite teary (and hungover) i was.

so i sulked to math, and took a quiz. sulked to web design, and we did a boring assignment. sulked again to writing, and got an earful from palin about how horrible i am. as usual. never a kind word from that kid, i swear. he went on and on about how grrls should be killed and blah blah because we’re such bitches. oh? well i did complain and call guys jerks. but only him, heheheh, maybe just him ;).

lunch was okay with caleigh, she listened to all my ranting, and so did hailie on the bus. i wish i could have grrl friends again. i dunno if i trust them yet, you know? anyways, i got my beyooooutiful homecoming dress today in the mail, so something was good today! it fits in the chest and all, i just need to take in the sides. glad i got the large. well, nothing exciting tonight, rents are leaving at 7. see ya.

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