today sucked and the weekend did too in a way. made 60 bucks babysitting, and that was the best part. i mean friday was okay…nothing that great i mean it was but wasn’t at the same time, saturday i babysat all day too, then no one was home to do anything at 7pm. today i was free and at my aunt’s house, so i called up matt. he said he would come pick me up and we could go see the neato new mummy movie. the times were all off…and i had to go home at 5pm because my rents would be back from their week trip to nc (boo hoo!). so he says he has to stop by joe’s company picnic. picnic? yes, for a minute. so we go by, which was at kiwanis.

it was a really nice day out, so i didn’t mind at all. so i just sat…quietly..because i know joe hates me and didn’t want me there. the guys decided to play kickball and i was gonna take a quick nap, but we left after we stayed for an hour. i’m sad because i didn’t care to leave, and i knew the whole time joe wanted to drown me in the river. so we go to barnes and noble for like, 2 hours. so we were gonna go eat, but then the keys were locked in the van. so we waited for his parents to get there to unlock the van, and by then i had to go home. shitty day #1,543,232,432.

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