today has been so horrible. it started at 6.30am. get up, pack my suitcase, help close up the house, and hop in the car. yay, we’ll be out of the lawyer’s office at 12 (according to my parents). so i sit. and sit. and sit. at least i had a pc to go online with in the lawyer’s office. so i chatted with shayna, jenn, and matt. mostly with jenn though.

matt says he’s gonna stay home and work on his play so he can visit with me tonight when i get home. i go online and talk to jenn and she says he left and went someplace… which leaves me to assume he doesn’t care about me because he’s not working on this horribly long and hard play so he can go out tonight.

it makes me feel so bad that he doesn’t seem to care. i guess i shouldn’t care either. and i think that’s what i have to do, not care so much because that’s what’s bringing me down. boys aren’t worth worrying so much about, and i learned that from others’ experiences. let him worry for once. and then i’ve learned he’s also ditched jenn, so he’s dissed 2 girls in one day!

jenn: ..tick tick tick… ring ring! -=insert sequence #2 and then #1….

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