i feel like a rat:

i was so hungry but there was no food so i snagged some crackers to nibble on.

i’m homeless, too, couch surfing. just like a rat.

rat’s on CRACKATTACK!!!!!

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  1. cookiees

    hey whenever you need some food just ask, I have masses of cafeteria meals that can be good. well im flirting with anime chicks tonight wish me luck lol ttyl

  2. If you require a temporary home and nourishment, you are invited here. I am certain you have other accomodations available, but you are always welcome in my home. I shall straighten up the upstairs bedroom and sleep downstairs, if you choose to arrive.

    Otherwise, I can afford a bus ticket to your family or a friend you can reliably trust in.

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    A new LJ Community now looking for new members and you’ve been invited. Give it a try and come apply. Auto accepts for the first 15 Members! ***This can be deleted if unwanted***

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